CMA Partners, Acting like partners of clients

In providing capital market related legal advice

Our Message

Dear Clients and Friends,

It is our great pleasure to announce we have set up our new law office, CMA Partners (Kiyohara International Law Office), as of January 2016. We, CMA Partners, provide legal and regulatory advice, primarily in areas relating to “capital market” and in doing so, we will think and act like partners of clients.

We, CMA Partners, will provide our clients with practical, solution-oriented advice, and to that end, we are committed to engage in analysis of issues and possible solutions from comparative law perspectives. Based on experience in, familiarity with, and research of, relevant areas of laws, rules and regulations, we will provide our clients with advice from non-conventional and innovative viewpoints since precedents may no longer be a useful guide in ever changing legal and regulatory framework of these days.

Needless to say, we are committed to giving the highest priority to client interests. Often times, however, client interests may be better served in the long run if public nature of capital markets is given due respect. We are hoping to contribute to the advancement of capital markets through our services to clients.

Through this new office setting, I will continue to engage in discussions on changes to legal and regulatory framework and certain rule-making discussions (in relation to corporate governance, disclosure and auditing and market regulations) in Japan. Such extra efforts, I hope, will help us better serve our clients by being familiar with background discussions of new regulatory framework.

We look forward to an opportunity of working with you.

Ken Kiyohara

Representative, CMA Partners
Kiyohara International Law Office

About Us (CMA Partners)

We, CMA Partners (Kiyohara International Law Office), are proud to be small in size as it will allow us the flexibility to better meet the client requests and needs, and we can apply our first-hand experience and knowledge when serving clients.

As we are free from internal administrative constraints, we can take the first step quickly. If needed, we will team up with local boutique law firms, and this approach will be practical and should also be cost effective.

Name CMA Partners (Kiyohara International Law Office)
Office Address 8-7 Nibancho, #1405
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0084, JAPAN
Representative Ken Kiyohara
Practice Area Corporate (including Compliance, Risk Management and Crisis Management) and Corporate Governance
M&A/Strategic Alliance (including M&A, share acquisition, tender offer, capital-tie up, business alliance and joint venture)
Private Equity
Venture Investment
Insider Trading and other Market Regulations
Regulations of Brokerage, Investment Advisory and Asset Management Businesses
Disclosure and Audit
Phone: 03 (3511) 7707