CMA Partners, Acting like partners of clients

In providing capital market related legal advice


We, CMA Partners, will provide non-Japanese clients with legal and regulatory advice in connection with investment in or business transactions with Japanese companies, and also advise them to bridge any cultural or communication gap which our clients may face in dealing with Japanese counterparts. In that regard, our services function (and thus can be appreciated by our clients) as guide for doing business and investment in Japan.

Our particular strengths are mainly in the following areas:

Corporate and Corporate Governance
  • Director & Office Liability
  • Executive Compensation
  • Corporate Governance Code of Japan
  • Shareholder Engagement
  • Auditing/Fraud Risk Management and Audit Committee
M&A and Strategic Alliance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions/Tender offer regulations, and Divestiture
  • Advising Special Committee in the context of Management Buyout and Squeeze-Out of Minority Shareholders
  • Shareholder Proposal and other Shareholder Rights
  • Capital Tie-Up and Business Alliance and various types of ancillary Business Contracts
  • Private Equity, and Investment in Venture Capital and Start-Ups
Capital Market Regulations and Regulations of Disclosure/Auditing
  • Insider Trading, Short Sale and Other Market Regulations
  • Regulations on Fund Raising
  • Regulations of Brokerage, Investment Advisory and Asset Management Businesses
  • Regulations and Issues relating to Disclosure and Auditing