Speaking Engagement/ Publication

Ken Kiyohara often speaks at seminars locally in Japan, and participates in an international conference. He is also interviewed and quoted from time to time in the Japanese and English media (such as Nikkei, the Financial Times, and Reuters) on topical issues such as corporate governance, shareholder activism, insider trading, securities regulations and other capital market related matters.

Ken Kiyohara contributes to legal magazines on such topics as tender offer regulations, protection of minority shareholders, corporate governance, disclosure, auditing and insider trading. Additionally, he contributed approximately 30 articles to "Crossroads" (Juujiro), the daily column in the Nikkei evening edition, mainly on various corporate governance and disclosure issues during 2007 to 2013.

His media quotes/interviews and speaking engagements (in English) and articles and commentaries (in English) include among others the following:

  • December 2004
    “Guide to Cross-Border Tender Offers in Japan” (IFLR 1000 Country Legislation Guide for Japan) (IFLR website) 
  • November 2004
    Media Quote
    Quoted in an article of the Financial Times, “Legal doubts dog ‘groundbreaker’” (November 19, 2004) 
  • May 2004
    “Legal changes for venture funds in Japan”(Asian Venture Capital Journal Weekly, Vol.17) 


  • April 2004
    “Leveraged Finance, ‘Momentum builds towards leveraged finance surge in Japan’” (IFLR Guide to Japan) 

Note: The above are only those in English.
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